Games nowadays are getting so big, get extra storage for your PlayStation®5.

Eexpanding your PS5 storage ensures that you can take full advantage of the console’s capabilities, including installing and playing next-gen titles, downloading DLCs, and even capturing and storing game footage. We’ll be using the KingDian SSD M.2 NVME Solid State Drive 760PRO with Heatsink to upgrade PS5. Store more, game more!

Before You Start.

1.  Make sure your SSD is compatible with PS5.
2. A #1 Phillips screwdriver.

3. Upgrade to the latest system and make sure to turn off the PS5.


Ler’s Get Started!


Step 1. Remove the cover by gently lifting and sliding it to the left side. Be careful not to force it and find the correct angle to remove it easily.
Step 2. Remove the screws with a #1 Phillips screwdriver and remove the extension cover.
Step 3. Remove the screw in the extension slots.
Step 4. Insert the KingDian M.2 SSD 1TB.
Step 5. Screw all the screws back in, as well as put on the extension cover.
Step 6. Put the cover back on and done.
Step 7. Format the SSD and start playing!

If you need more instructions, check out the video.

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